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Simple techniques to reduce stress

Life will throw many challenges at you. Some challenges will be easier to overcome than others. Which can make work/life balance seem impossible. At times when life has become increasingly overwhelming it can be hard to stay positive and focused on the big picture. Keep in mind, however, that stress is a choice.

Hate your job? Here’s how to decide to love it or leave it

According to a recent Gallup Poll more than 70 percent of Americans are unhappy at work and their jobs. Many people go to work each day trying their best not to quit. They sit there all day and ponder how their life would turn out if they would just get up and walk out. If you find yourself you’re not alone when it comes to hating your current role. However, do not forget about millions of other Americans who are unemployed. It is hard to go to a job  you have absolutely no interests in, however it is crucial that you focus on the big picture. There are legitimate reasons for leaving your job, which will I discuss further below. For now, let’s revisit the ‘why’ behind your work. The big picture is living the life you’ve always imagined.  Make a choice today to change your perspective. Do not put this off tomorrow. Do not wait until after they give you a raise. Be happy and thankful today. This employer chose you and provided you an …

Do you ever look up at the sky?

We live in an ADD world. Meaning that there are so many thing happening simultaneously it is really hard to just focus on just one thing. Especially in the personal development area. I know I am not the only one that reads my textbooks with the tv on and cell phone by my side. We are constantly multi-tasking. For example, watching tv and texting or even cooking dinner and talking on the phone. We are always looking for ways to keep busy. Life has become so hectic that many of us have forgotten the simple things. A few weeks ago I walked outside and just decided to look up. A smile immediately replaced the frown on my face. I felt instant joy looking up at the clouds and knowing that through it all I survived. This also brought up a fond memory from my child hood. As a child my mother would always lay in the grass with me on Saturday mornings after we hung the close to dry and we look and observe the …