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New year, new goals! A checklist to help you get started

Today is the best day for a fresh start. Feel free to make your own checklist. What better tune than now for a goal check. This doesn’t include all the things but it can be useful if you can’t find a way to refresh this year. If you find this one helpful, feel free to screen shot and complete it. And if you’re brave tag us in it on Instagram so we can share with the squad. We are all in this together and together we will make up for all 2020 stole from us. #mondaymotivation

Why habits are the invisible architecture of success

If you feel like you’re constantly ‘putting out fires’ in your daily life and unable to meet expectations todays post is for you. I used to wonder how some people get ahead of others and it simply boils down to habits. Habits are behaviors we perform on a daily or otherwise regular basis. They’re not just any behaviors, though. A behavior is a habit if some component of it is at least somewhat “automatic.” Some studies estimate that habits make up 40% of our everyday behavior. With a habit, there’s some cue that triggers a behavior. Habits are not routines but more like coping mechanisms that we have put in place to subconsciously produce a dopamine like appeal in our day. We’re not about judging habits. However, if you have specific goals in mind that you have put effort into but are not producing  results, it is recommended that your habits be the first place to look for signs of trouble. What are you doing to achieve your goals? If there is something that you …