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Simple techniques to reduce stress

Life will throw many challenges at you. Some challenges will be easier to overcome than others. Which can make work/life balance seem impossible. At times when life has become increasingly overwhelming it can be hard to stay positive and focused on the big picture. Keep in mind, however, that stress is a choice.

Strategies to help you uncover your purpose

One thing I know is that passion builds empires. Passion is what led Steve Jobs to return to Apple after being fired 12 years later and turn into a billion dollar company. Passion is also what led Oprah to become one the first African-American billionaires. after being told she would never make it in show business. Passion is what separates a career from a job. It also is the determining factor when deciding if you’re just living of existing. You have to boldly seek your passions so that your purpose will ultimately show itself. Everyone has a purpose. Don’t count yourself out because you can’t choose one or you feel that you weren’t born with a passion. Some of us are born with the talent that is recognizable to the world. For instance, Ariana Grande has a vocal range that spans 4 octaves without any formal vocal training. It’s obvious she was born to sing. However, not all passions are obvious. You have a gift and can cultivate passion. Passion ties you to being committed to what …

How to stay ahead while unemployed

Here are three tips to help you keep your life on track while unemployed: Tip #1) Write out your plan for recovery. If your goal is to become a chef, you should write all the steps necessary to complete it. For example: Step 1: Go to culinary school. Step 2: Upon graduation get employment as a sous chef. Writing the action steps down on paper makes your dream more tangible and creates a clear path for you to follow. Each time you have completed a step mark it out. This physical cue if marking out a step will make you feel closer to your goals. By doing this you can reward yourself and see that you are still making progress towards your dream even when life has made it seem impossible. Tip #2) Don’t let your pride get in the way. Reaching out for help will not make you weak or your friends and family feel that you’re no longer dependable. If someone close to you chooses to not be there for you, don’t be angry. …