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Quick tips on how to not overthink choosing a career

Choosing a career is a big decision. It is something you will be doing everyday for the rest of your life. The pressure to pick the right one can make it hard for you to even decide. Unfortunately many people never do because they are over-thinking. I found the right career for me through trial and error. Not everyone gets it right the first time.┬áVisualizing yourself choosing a career is a start, but there has to be action taken if you want to make a decision. Clarity comes from engagement not thought. The more you think about something, the less likely you are to do it. It took me a year to actually start my blog because I was afraid of putting my self out there. I was over-thinking all of the “what-ifs.” I was freaking out over everything that could go wrong. Once I realized that I was on the over-thinking ‘loop’ I took action fast to keep moving towards my goal of building a blog. Over thinking happens for two reasons: #1 You …