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Best quotes from media mogul Issa Rae

Issa Rae needs no formal introduction. No stranger to the spotlight, you could say she definitely owned the last decade. We are excited to see what this queen will bring to the table next. Acting, Producing and writing countless shows and actively speaking out to change audiences definition of what it means to be ‘black.‘ We are multi- dimensional people. To celebrate her work we are sharing are favorite quotes from many of the moments where she uses her stage to shine a light on diversity and creative spaces. Drop your favorite Issa Rae moment in the comments. So, why wait until the new year to get started on resolutions. Place these somewhere you can see them and end the year on a high note. Did we also mention shes a vision board queen? Create yours and move with intention in the 4th quarter of 2021 and beyond. Small action X consistency = shccess. Take Issas word for it your dreams are with striving for.

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New year, new goals! A checklist to help you get started

Today is the best day for a fresh start. Feel free to make your own checklist. What better tune than now for a goal check. This doesn’t include all the things but it can be useful if you can’t find a way to refresh this year. If you find this one helpful, feel free to screen shot and complete it. And if you’re brave tag us in it on Instagram so we can share with the squad. We are all in this together and together we will make up for all 2020 stole from us. #mondaymotivation

How to live a balanced life while battling depression

The pressure is on for twenty somethings which is why more than 20 percent have either been diagnosed or are experiencing symptoms of depression. Major depressive disorder affects approximately 14.8 million American adults, or about 6.7 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older, in a given year. Sadly a lot of people choose to ignore the symptoms out of shame, guilt, or pride. However as you can see the numbers speak for themselves. So why are misconceptions still surrounding depression? When I changed my major from biochemistry to psychology during my sophomore year of college; my goal was to become a licensed counselor and help people who were hurting or struggling to resolve the issues in their lives. Over the course of my studies there were many days where I imagined what the people would be like that I would serve.  I would love to say that I was a model citizen and was able to ignore the blatantly ignorant stigma’s surrounding mental health. However I found myself imagining potential clients as disheveled, …

“I’m speaking.”+

Politics have taken over 2020 (as it should). Being there is so much at stake my eyes have been glued to the debates. Kamala and our current VP’s showdown was one I was not going to miss. Kamala Harris is representing so many and so much. Her commitment to showing the best of women’s leadership skills is inspiring. Although there have been prior female candidates who have risen to the top and landed the vice presidential bid, Kamala is the third. We have never had female leadership at this level. It was no surprise that she commanded the stage and spoke eloquently with the challenge by our current VP. And I was also not surprised by his many interruptions. “I’m speaking,” is the new ‘reclaiming my time.’ The debate was to discuss our differences, but women worldwide recognized the feeling when Kamala spoke those words. We have all been minimized in male-dominated settings. We have all been interrupted by the patriarchy.  Women were not always allowed to voice their opinions and were recently highlighted in …

#ICYMI: What the Kavanaugh hearing means to women

The best part of social media is watching a live event and wondering if others are interpreting events the way you are. I avoided sharing my opinions of Kavanaugh during the hearing even though his behavior while being questioned troubled me.  Then I woke up this morning and the internet is undefeated. I was not the only one that noticed his flaring anger and some senators empathetic approach to impact the allegations have had on Kavanaugh’s reputation and home life. The Republican Senate representatives kept pointing to the devastation these allegations have had on both families, but never addressed the victim as such. Kavanaugh says that these allegations have “destroyed” his family.  I was concerned that victims watching would somehow start to think that their attackers deserve empathy. Kavanaugh stated when questioned by senator Kamala Harris that he did not watch Dr. Ford’s testimony because he was preparing his testimony. Well, he appeared to be very unprepared and took the wrong approach. As a man his ego was threatened and instead of being empathetic towards the …

Simple techniques to reduce stress

Life will throw many challenges at you. Some challenges will be easier to overcome than others. Which can make work/life balance seem impossible. At times when life has become increasingly overwhelming it can be hard to stay positive and focused on the big picture. Keep in mind, however, that stress is a choice.