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The truth behind “excuses”…

“I’m not pretty or handsome enough.”
“No one likes me.”
“I don’t have enough money.”
“I’m not ready.”

These are just a few examples of common excuses that have ability to hold twenty somethings back from really going for their dreams.

I’ve heard them all because I tried them all. I used every excuse in the book to stay living below my potential. I was using excuses because my prior circumstances seemed hopeless. I was ready to give up and had a prepared response for everyone that questioned this once over-achieving college grad as to why I felt defeated and drained.

The truth is success is a lifestyle. It a result of repeated habits.  It’s small changes that add up to big change.
I chose soul-sucking work because I gave up on my dream.

What is the ONE thing you’d be doing which you’d immensely enjoy if you know you could not fail?

If you want a job, house, title, etc. You are going to have to have a no-excuse approach to fulfilling your dreams. Set your bar high. When you do you will have to become patient enough to reach it.

There is no such thing as an “overnight” success. Behind every overnight success is someone with years of relentless hard work in the background in order to make it all happen.

The choice is yours. The opportunities are there and you have everything you need to make it happen. We were all born with a unique purpose and perspective.

Each person has a different ideal of success. It is your responsibility to own your dreams and the process to make them a reality. An excuse is a roadblock to that process.

An excuse usually is more than a complaint. It could be a subliminal way of your fear magnifying itself. Take a moment after you’ve made another excuse to not go for it. Determine if they are coming from a place of fear and doubt.

Here is what you need to do next:
Distance yourself from those old ways of thinking. Do not be afraid to develop a new mindset. Become who you’ve always wanted to be NOW.

You don’t need permission, money, the right time, and whatever else you think you need to make it happen.

All you need is patience, perseverance, and a plan and you will make success your lifestyle.


    • Hi Jenny,

      That is true. Thank you I definitely will. I appreciate your kind words.



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