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The best social media platform for brand awareness

The algorithm is committed to showing users accounts they search for and interact with the most. It’s not your bio or your logo, it’s your content and instagrams algorithm that determines which posts users should see most. This means that the goal is to keep you and other users on their (Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube) platform to boost revenue, engagement.

The algorithm is not a negative thing. However it is not impossible to build a buzz around your brand, even with the influx of celebrity entrepreneurs and You-tubers. In my search for a solution that I know we all have found ourselves perplexed on, here’s what I found:

Social media is about keeping people on THEIR apps, not sending them to YOUR website or brand. This is why your posts are not being seen or are being restricted, amongst other reasons.

I value saving time and found that social media will consume your life force. Also, I didn’t want to become an entrepreneur to promote someone else’s brand but essentially that is what social media is all about. If this has been obvious to you from the beginning, kudos. But for those of us just becoming aware, this is a major lightbulb moment.

Still, want to promote on IG?

I would also like to add for those who still want to give Instagram a real go, Instagram has introduced a concept of ‘badges.’ If you have the follower count and are set up as a business page, you can now add badges. Adding the badges allows supporters to easily send donations to keep your great content coming for them. But don’t let me forget to mention that Instagram will keep 100 percent of your revenue from the badges.

Initially, social media seemed like a great place to find like minds. However, a change in the algorithm has proven less about finding like minds and generating revenue for other social media platforms. I feel duped in the sense that I thought that it was a suitable place. Instagram and Facebook will promote posts with a higher revenue potential (mostly celebrity and influencer accounts) and will be shared. 

If you are not making money for Facebook or Instagram, your posts will not be shared, even with your audience. 

Now you can take the ‘extra’ route and do it all to get followers, but I Am not a performance monkey. And refuse to participate in internet shenanigans for the like hood of going viral. I love money, but I love integrity even more. Integrity is something I refuse to sacrifice.

Life is always busy taking something away from your life, and integrity is not something I want to throw under the bus. Even it means letting go of a dream. The best way to move forward is to focus on finding a drive outside of creating an online business.

It sounds like I’m complaining, but I want to help new business owners save time and help anybody who finds themselves in the same predicament.

Social media is not great for brand awareness, but it is for personal brands. IF you want to go the influencer route, then social media is perfect for you. However, if you are building a brand, social media could waste your time and get you distracted from your company’s vision because the algorithm requires you to stay on-trend. The algorithm will show you what will keep you on the app longer, so it is less likely that the algorithm will promote your new brand’s posts.

Set up your website. The followers on social media platforms belong to those platforms. Your email list is where you can build real connections and relationships with customers for a lifetime. Also, give yourself time to see if your current Instagram strategies are working. I gave my strategies ample time to be sure that they weren’t effective before I moved on to what was best for my business.

This post is specifically pertaining to those that don’t have an audience yet that were using Instagram for brand awareness. There are other platforms like, YouTube and LinkedIn that are better to be ‘found’ than Instagram where users are encouraged to interact with accounts they already follow.

Ultimately you want to be on the social network that has your ideal customer.

But, don’t just take my word for it. Do the work and I promise you, you will want to put more time into building a platform that sends traffic to your Instagram versus the other way around.


  1. Yes I totally again you want to create a platform that sends people to your ig not vice versa. I can’t believe it never crossed my mind that they don’t want to be sending you away from their app. It’s so obvious!

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