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“I’m speaking.”+

Politics have taken over 2020 (as it should). Being there is so much at stake my eyes have been glued to the debates. Kamala and our current VP’s showdown was one I was not going to miss.

Kamala Harris is representing so many and so much. Her commitment to showing the best of women’s leadership skills is inspiring. Although there have been prior female candidates who have risen to the top and landed the vice presidential bid, Kamala is the third. We have never had female leadership at this level. It was no surprise that she commanded the stage and spoke eloquently with the challenge by our current VP. And I was also not surprised by his many interruptions.

“I’m speaking,” is the new ‘reclaiming my time.’

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The debate was to discuss our differences, but women worldwide recognized the feeling when Kamala spoke those words. We have all been minimized in male-dominated settings. We have all been interrupted by the patriarchy. 

Women were not always allowed to voice their opinions and were recently highlighted in the riveting documentary series Hillary on Hulu. It was revealed that Bill Clinton lost his governor race for his second term because the citizens didn’t find Hillary to be First Lady’ material’. Hillary had to change her image to protect her husband’s career. Hillary had other women in law and politics had to make many sacrifices to see a world where we could have a female vice-presidential candidate.

Scandals aside, I was ecstatic to see her become the first Presidential nominee based on her work. She did so happily, but the point is that a woman in any leadership forum is not always welcomed, so I find that journey admiring.

Politics aside, we are witnessing women’s history right before our eyes. As we get closer to the election, I hope that we will all choose to vote and prove that democracy is thriving in America. And despite all of our differences, we can come together as one nation under God. Your choice shouldn’t be a consequence but celebrated because that’s what makes the U.S. strong.

Remember, you are amazing. I hope you had a chance to watch the debate and if you’re reading from an international location, let me know where in the comments.

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