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Failure is delay, not defeat

Success takes time, and for these and other reasons, many people give up on their dreams at the slightest resistance. Maybe things didn’t go right the first time around or the way you planned. The truth is the beginning stages are always the hardest. When you’re having a tough time in life, it can be hard to see the good in any situation. 

You start to believe that nothing can change, and you begin to feel ‘stuck.’ Maybe things didn’t work out the way you expected. Perhaps the right opportunities never came along. Failure leads to multiple learning opportunities that help us become who we are.

Feeling ‘stuck’ comes from a place of fear and limits. When you say, “yes,” to your limits, you are saying “no” to your possibilities. Choose to be empowered by failure instead of weakened by it. It is better to endure hardships live a life you desire than to live a forced life.

Failure appears to have more of an impact on our lives based on what we believe. 

By actual definition, failure is the result of the expectations we have over our lives not being met or a person or obstacle preventing us from making progress. According to Reut Schwartz-Hebron, founder of the Key Change Institute — an organization that focuses on workplace behavior, it is first necessary “to rewire your brain” by creating new experiences and engaging 

two different cerebral systems; the explicit and the implicit memory.

After all, you have to have a self-awareness of what you’ve done wrong to get it right the next time. Obstacles and challenges build strengths and identify weaknesses to make you better. If you are letting your past mistakes hinder you from making a positive change, I encourage you to try a new perspective. 

Don’t be afraid of failure. There is no way to get a perfect score on life because no one else will experience your life from your lens. Realistically there is no ‘right’ way of doing things because you are on a unique path. Success occurs when you defeat the self-doubt and change the limiting beliefs that keep you ‘stuck’ on your failures.

Open your mind and accept that life will not always be fair or convenient. There are no guarantees for ‘success,’ as it means something different for everyone. 

No matter what point you are at in your life, you can earn success. Try to look at the bigger picture. What you are going through or have gone through is minuscule compared to the rest of your life. It is your job to decide the number of impact mistakes has on you. Bad things will happen to you. 

There will be missed opportunities, failed relationships, and financial troubles along the way, along with many other issues that could arise. You will not always have the ability to control your outside circumstances, but you can forever control how you handle them.

 Once your perspective changes, so will the world around you. It is up to you to choose to radiate from within the life you truly wish to experience. It would be best if you got started by taking action towards changing your mindset. A positive outlook will increase your confidence to take action necessary to break free of the glass ceiling. I use positive affirmations to reset my mind to remain focused on taking action towards my goals while overlooking the hardships.

Believing is the fuel, and self-confidence is the match that can light the fire that failure and setbacks have burnt out. Just as you have faced obstacles to get where you are now, you will continue to meet them. Take daily action towards overcoming the self-doubt and stepping into your authentic self. Create the change you wish to see. There will still be difficulties, but with time comes grace, and with it, patience brings blessings. Stay focused on your possibilities because, in the end, it will be worth it. Failure is a delay, not defeat.

The moment to chase your dreams is NOW. The question remains, ‘What are you waiting for?’ 

Here’s a simple seven-day challenge to get you started:

A great way to break the bad habits of over-analyzing your life is to keep a gratitude journal. Each day, for seven days, write down one to three things that represent gratitude. Acknowledging your gratefulness helps extend the magnitude of your willingness to accept the abundance you are due.

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What have you learned from your failures that have helped you in another area of your life?

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