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Why habits are the invisible architecture of success

If you feel like you’re constantly ‘putting out fires’ in your daily life and unable to meet expectations todays post is for you. I used to wonder how some people get ahead of others and it simply boils down to habits.

Habits are behaviors we perform on a daily or otherwise regular basis. They’re not just any behaviors, though. A behavior is a habit if some component of it is at least somewhat “automatic.” Some studies estimate that habits make up 40% of our everyday behavior. With a habit, there’s some cue that triggers a behavior.

Habits are not routines but more like coping mechanisms that we have put in place to subconsciously produce a dopamine like appeal in our day. We’re not about judging habits. However, if you have specific goals in mind that you have put effort into but are not producing  results, it is recommended that your habits be the first place to look for signs of trouble.

What are you doing to achieve your goals? If there is something that you have been putting off because you don’t have to the time evaluate your daily habits and see where you could utilize your time better throughout the day. 

Sounds cliche but actions do speak louder than words. For instance, we can pronounce we are starting a business but if we are running a business that made no profits it becomes a hobby.

Success is found in your morning routine. We are what we do not who we say we are. Our habits determine the trajectory of our lives.


Habits to help you prosper:

•Wake up two hours before work.

•Eat breakfast.

•Plan your lunches the night before. •Schedule the things you love, like your favorite tv show or Soul Cycle session. Or schedule things you need to do,  if you’re a busy parent or side hustler.

•Develop a personal care routine.

•Stay organized.


What habits do you use to keep you focused on the path to your dreams?


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