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To Celebrate Issa Raes 35th birthday we are sharing some of our favorite quotes…

Issa Rae needs no formal introduction. No stranger to the spotlight, you could say she definitely owned the last decade. We are excited to see what this queen will bring to the table during the next. Producing and writing countless shows and actively speaking out to change audiences definition of what it means to be black.

We are multi- dimensional people. To celebrate her work we are sharing are favorite quotes from many of the moments where she uses her stage to shine on light on life as a block woman and finding success on the internet. Drop your favorite Issa Rae moment in the comments. Don’t forget to let her know Happy Birthday! 1BABEEDD-536B-4635-BD26-322E2281F06115734284-6CED-4C28-A1DD-A6E8B7B4AF917E4A6B39-21C4-4646-BAFE-E72EC19718D28EFA24E0-9804-40E8-90A1-679AE2CA70DE26A3BB6B-69E9-42F9-83EA-1585CC14BCCEB5E628D0-6940-43AC-B328-30073909CE375D35446D-F89A-4817-9657-C27EF82F26CC94C6AF10-6A7B-4C7F-A777-C7994EC9ADC0964D4C66-6553-4686-B99B-EF75C15111BBFE5C973C-2584-421B-BC53-8BF2AE8343E5

Have an insight you'd like to share to help another queen thrive. Comment below:

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