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What will you manifest in 2019?

You can change your life in 6 months. It is time plus consistency that creates lasting success. This will require your focus. We are approaching the halfway mark of 2019 and if you are feeling overwhelmed to achieve your goals instead of inspired this post is for you.

There is still time to work towards that promotion, launch that podcast, or start that book. Success isn’t always related to talent. Without calling anybody out here sometimes the people who make it don’t have any talent at all. They just keep consistently showing up and adding value in their work that helps others.

There are advantages that have been given to some. But, those advantages aren’t always helpful. People fail their way to success. No one avoids failure on their way to the top. A positive mindset is key and that is what the mantra at the top in for. Save this for the next time you’re feeling like there can’t be a new start.


You have everything you need already to get things done, you just need to get started. Yes, this advice sounds easy. Yes, many other people share the same perspective. Why? Because it’s one of the things in life we can’t control.

We can’t control our privilege or where we come from. What we can control are the choices we make from this day forward. Your future should never belong to your past. We were created to evolve. Never be afraid to fail. Be afraid of quitting.

So, instead of giving ourselves all of the reasons why we can’t do anything. The main thing we should be asking yourself is what do we want. Take a moment and fill in the blank. Get focused, consistent, and work hard. Why? Because 2019 is far from over.


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