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The value of a healthy perspective

What does it take to create success?

It’s all a matter of your perspective.

Shift your perspective’ – a phrase we often hear that refers to an observation or thinking practice. One definition: taking the way you think about a topic, setting that aside for a moment, and adopting another way to think about the very same topic. Reflecting on a topic in a new way is a great way to problem solve.

That’s why sometimes the best thing you can do to change your perspective is to literally change what is right in front of you. The way you change your surroundings can be quiet or dramatic.

Change your focus and make better choices that align with what you really want. FOMO is for people without focus. You won’t have a fear of missing out when the reward is achieving our dream. It’s natural if along the way you feel frustrated, bamboozled, and led astray.

No one ever said the road to success is easy. Sustainable success represents consistency multiplied by time. There is no such thing as an overnight success. However, there is such thing as an overnight perspective shift.

How you might ask…

#1. Eliminate distractions.

#2. Be mindful of who and what you give your energy too.

#3. Set a schedule for your entire day.

#4. Money matters. Financial stress can become a deterrent to achieving your goals. Set a budget using the 50/30/20 rule based on your monthly income.  Here is an example breakdown to get you started.

50%-Household (rent or mortgage /bills)

30%-Discretionary (groceries, gas, phone bill)

20%- Savings

*If you’re rent or mortgage is more than 59 percent of your monthly income, find some areas where you can reduce your bills or increase your income for a better quality of living.

Don’t get overwhelmed. All change feels unnatural at first. It takes 90 days for our mind to create new habits. Make a plan and give yourself some time. But, the key to success is to show up and believe it is possible.



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