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6 questions to ask yourself when you feel ‘stuck’ in your career

  • Car didn’t start this morning…
  • Lost your wallet…
  • Didn’t get the job you want…

Whatever it is that your battling. Life’s discontentment has the power to leave us all feeling helpless and sometimes ‘stuck.’ One of the biggest mistakes we make is relying on our minds to tell us who we during those moments. I know you’re thinking, “Well my mind knows what I want.” However, I beg to differ. Your biggest enemy can be your thoughts.
What you think you ultimately become.

Once you start to believe something it impacts your thoughts and your thoughts impact your actions. The reason for this is because your subconscious has a “safety zone.” According to acclaimed financial guru Dave Ramsey our minds have comfort levels. He explains in, Total Money Makeover, that that is why it is hard to make a change.

Your brain learns your patterns and if you decide to take a new job or lose weight you may not get the boost you need from your thoughts. That is why reinforcement is crucial and by using reinforcement you can elevate your potential.

Reinforcement begins with believing. Start to condition your mind into believing that anything you want to accomplish can come true by rewarding yourself. This is not a trick or meditation. This is about getting rid of negativity and fear to make a change in your life by rewarding new habits and avoiding the old habits that don’t serve you. An example of reinforcement could be that every time you reach your weight loss goal for the month you get to buy yourself a new pair of shoes. By continuously rewarding your new habits your mind will mold to adjust and the fear and discomfort you felt in the beginning of the change will be gone.


Elevate your potential and reach new heights using these 6 questions to get started. Use the answers to guide you towards the best course of action. Once you have your answers decide what “reinforcement” you could use to make this a permanent change.

6 Questions to help you get ‘unstuck’ and inspired to take action:



Question #1

What motivates you?

Question #2

What is your most valuable skill? Top 3 goals?

Question #3

How do you handle failure?

Question #4

Are you feeding your fears or your dreams?

Question #5

What sacrifices do you think you will have to make in order to achieve your goals?

Question #6

Break down your top 3 goals you defined in question number 2. Under each goals list at least 3 actionable steps you can take in the next month. For example:

                  Goal #1 Find a new job.

Action step #1: Write down exactly what I’m looking for in my next position.

Action step #2 : Complete two job applications a day for a week that match the description in step number one.

Action step #3: Follow up with recruiters after a week. 


Hope this helps!


Have a great weekend. Looking forward to ‘mojo’ Monday.

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