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Why failure is a launching pad for success

When adversity rears its ugly head in our lives it can impact us two ways positively or negatively. Either we learn and grow from our failure or we let it defeat us. Hard times bring tough decisions and have the ability to alter our perspective on our self-confidence, our purpose, and life plan. We all want the comfort of knowing what will happen next but how we would we learn? Struggle reveals the lessons we need to learn in order to become the person we were always meant to. Your ‘why’ will lead you to your purpose. In order to do reach the highest level of success, you have to be willing to face the lowest of circumstances. “Success” is portrayed on the internet and television as being a beautiful, luxurious journey.

The overnight success tale is all the rave in Hollywood. In reality, success is everything but glamorous. Entrepreneurship or any personal goal that is pushing you to better yourself will bring you anything but comfort. In the beginning, you will make more sacrifices and will put in more hard work than you will yield actual results.

Success is indeed a very uncomfortable endeavor. If change is happening all around you and you feel uncomfortable then you are the right track. Your moral compass is on par if you feel hesitant or are trapped in a state of nervousness.

For the past few years, I have faced multiple obstacles whilst still continue to mentor and lead others towards their paths. It wasn’t until a few months ago I realized the impact of not addressing the underlining issue. Which is what I had reverted back to operating in a comfort zone. Life’s struggles had ultimately limited my incline to take risks but recently I have decided to take my power back.

A comfort zone is not just our mothers’ house or that unbelievable soft spot in the couch that everyone loves. A comfort zone can also be referred to as a behavioral state because it is a form of mental conditioning.  How we carry on our everyday lives becomes programmed into our brains.

When we become “programmed” to a routine, however, we usually experience a lack of excitement and willingness to want to try anything new. Our routines get boring and we crave something new, but rather than being happy about starting fresh or doing something different, we react with fear and anxiety, Why?

The reason why we respond with fear is that our minds are defending what they have been conditioned to do. Your body goes into automatic defense mode because your comfort zone is where you have the most confidence and feel like you are in control. So the next time your body reacts or think negative thoughts push through them because that’s just your comfort zone talking.

How to overcome …

Remaining stuck in an unproductive routine and trapped in our sadness is easy to do. Being stagnant in a comfort zone often results in plummeting creativity. Playing it safe could be curtailing for success. When’s the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and took on a new challenge?

One of the biggest mistakes we make is relying on our minds to tell us who we are. I know you’re thinking, “Well my mind knows what I want.” However, I beg to differ. Your biggest enemy can be your thoughts. What you think you ultimately become. Once you start to believe something it impacts your thoughts and your thoughts impact your actions. The reason for this is because your subconscious has a “safety zone.” According to acclaimed financial guru Dave Ramsey our minds have comfort levels. He explains in, Total Money Makeover, that that is why it is hard to make a change.

Your brain learns your patterns and if you decide to take a new job or lose weight you may not get the boost you need from your thoughts. That is why reinforcement is crucial and by using reinforcement you can elevate your potential.

Reinforcement begins with believing. Start to condition your mind into believing that anything you want to accomplish can come true. This is not a trick or meditation. This is about getting rid of negativity and fear to make a change in your life.

Now everyone has a different view of success but I know that everyone wants to be their best. Don’t listen to the scared voice inside holding you back. Get support from a friend or family member and Jump In! Take action before you have time to react. Don’t be afraid of losing that dead-end job that you really hate.

Make a plan and build yourself up with positivity. Change your thoughts, change your life! Elevate your potential and reach new heights.

If you are like me and at one point struggled to leave an old life behind for a new one I have three tips to help you move out of your comfort zone:

#1 Start small.

Taking small steps is crucial in creating change. Too much change at once can be a serious factor in becoming overwhelmed. You don’t have to throw your entire routine out the window to step out of your comfort zone. Try taking small steps, like driving a different route to work or even moving your desk to a different location. These can help you to get comfortable with the discomfort that comes from trying something new.

#2 Write it out.

A few years ago I started writing down everything that came to my mind to lessen the clutter so that I could make better-informed decisions. Write down everything that comes to your mind: thoughts, ideas, things you want to do. Difficult times also bring about reflection into our pasts. In hard times is when we reflect the most. Make the most out of your flashbacks and write down your feelings, thoughts, ideas, and things you would like to accomplish in your future.

#3 Create challenges for yourself.

Set a goal and decide what it will take to get there. Create a daily, weekly, or monthly challenge that you can participate in that will put you one step closer to what you truly want and expect from your life. Use sticky notes or a pen and pad to keep track of challenges and progress. Do not determine your progress on the way your situation looks. Trust your process change will reveal itself.

Are you holding onto things that are just bringing you down instead of lifting you up? Let’s continue this conversation in the comments.


  1. Giulia says

    Very inspiring post! 🙂 Our culture teaches us that failure is always bad, something to be avoided at any cost. But, as you point out, it is fundamental to make mistakes to succeed… How much more could we attained if we would not allow the fear of failure to guide us?

    Liked by 1 person

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