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How to get a promotion


According to a recent Gallup poll , only 21 percent of workers making under $50,000 are unhappy at work versus the 63 percent of workers making over $50,000 that are happy at work. Is pay the reason for the difference in happiness? A lot of people would say yes. However, the answer truly lies in how productive you are, and if you are making the most of your current position.

When you are happy at work you are more sociable and productive. There are major benefits to loving your job. Two benefits of loving your job: If you are happier it turns you into a magnetic force. People will love your energy and it will make it hard for you to be overlooked for advancement opportunities.  You will be more productive. Simply put, when you’re in a good mood, you are able to get more accomplished.  The 700 person experiment conducted in Britain by The Social Market Foundation proves that happiness increases productivity.

Why you should make the most of your role

Don’t feel like you can’t be happy at work, because you can. After I graduated college I even accepted roles I was overqualified for the experience. worked for McDonald’s for two years after graduating college. I never felt like I was doing demeaning work even though I knew I deserved more. Instead, I chose to go to work and do everything with a smile. My optimism eventually stood out and I was promoted without asking.

When you are not recognized for your hard work, you don’t feel appreciated, and then that leads to overall job dissatisfaction. Being congratulated on a job well done feels good because you feel appreciated. However, even if no one notices your hard work, you should still stay focused on the bigger picture. Being an entrepreneur is great but there is a lot of groundwork involved in building a brand. Also, being an entrepreneur is a great dream but it’s not the definition. Just because you’re working for somebody else does not mean you’ve lost.

Working for an employer that foundation has already been laid before you. You have structure and you can use that structure to your advantage. Be the boss of your career.

Misery will suck the life out of you. Don’t let the disappointment of the way things are now ruining the way they can be. If you want a promotion or higher pay,  show up as your best daily. It’s not about being noticed right away. If you put in the hard work and network with management they will notice, trust me. But you have to go above and beyond. It is not enough to simply do the bare minimum in your current role. You will be surprised of the change you will start to see in your career once you adopt a new mindset.

Here are three tips to help you make the most of your role :

Tip # 1: Stay humble and make positive suggestions. 

We all have egos and we all have a different way of doing things. Now being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to decide how your day goes but if you work for Company X. Company X makes decisions. Of course, there will be moments where you don’t agree but there a constructive way of getting your feedback to management without showing your disdain for the decision.

Avoid joining the bandwagon of complainers at your job. Stand out by taking the information in stride and pulling your manager to the side and tell them you have a suggestion to improve the work environment.

Never use phrases like, “I’m mad” or “I hate this.” Feel free to say this in your own home in your own privacy but at work stay humble. Uses phrases like, “I feel” and “I suggest.” Their phrases don’t sound defensive and your manager will be more receptive to your needs.

Tip #2 : Network and discover what your company has to offer.

The reality is that you will spend more time at work than you will at home. Build relationships with other managers and workers in different departments. Get to know people. Companies look for people who are outgoing and friendly. If you want that promotion get out there. Dive in and greet others.

You also cold discover another department at our job that makes you happier. Building connections helps you gain more flexibility and options.

Tip #3 : Change your mindset. Build stress reproving activities into your daily routine.

Instead of focusing on the stress of your job focus on what you can do to make it less stressful. Additionally, if you work all the time and are having a hard time balancing your personal life see how you can restructure your day to run smoothly. Could you wake up 5 minutes other? Could you make a payment over the phone rather than driving to the company?

I worked for this call center once and I decided to take walks on my breaks to relieve the tension. Even it was for ten minutes it helped my mind shift and be more refreshed for me to go back in and complete my tasks with enthusiasm.

Write down 5 things that take 10 minutes or less to do. Write anything that could help get your mind refreshed and help you to relax.

Incorporating these three tips consistently and daily will get you the promotion and the pay raise you need. Choose to believe that every day is a fresh start. Make the most out of a career, now.

Let’s continue the conversation in the comments. What could make you happier at work to help you increase your productivity?

Bonus If you are not happy in your career, try answering these 21 questions to help you get ‘un-stuck’ and on a path towards a career that fulfills you.

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