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Signs you’re ready for entrepreneurship

Maybe you’re at work right now wishing you were anywhere else. Not because you don’t need the income but you have a desire burning in you to do what you love. Social media can be a catalyst as it easy to scroll to a feed of someone seemingly living their best life with their free time.  Many of us aspire to entrepreneurship because we see it as a gateway to doing what you love.

However, entrepreneurship can be one of the toughest jobs out there. As the saying goes, you have to be prepared to work 80 hours instead of 40 to make a business work.

A lot more goes into being an entrepreneur than having a dream. That is why being a dreamer is tough. We want to achieve but we are creatives and can often get stuck over analyzing our steps. We just want to show the world what we can do. But, you ha e to ask yourself, is it something the world needs right now?

I was prepared to launch my business but I wasn’t prepared to run it. I wanted to coach women to lead and achieve the same success in their career as I had. I had the dream but without taking the action towards the goals I would have never learned that business has to be more than adding value.

The dream has to be more than in your head. f you really want to achieve it starts with hustle and sacrifice. A part of that sacrifice is showing up every day to a job that tests your will.

Create a plan and use a part of your income to start the business you desire to have. Remember, this will be a risk. Be prepared for the fact that your product may not be a hit at first. Make sure you’re and always include ample time to foster real growth. If you’re serious about your dream of leaving your job, make conscious decisions that will set you up for success.

Always choose to remain flexible and humble. The journey won’t be easy but actualizing your dream and turning that burning desire into a vision is well worth the struggle. We are not entitled to success and without the proper planning and grit, a dream will be simply that.

Here are 3 questions to help you get started on doing the work:

1. If everything went your way what would 2019 look like? Feel free to dream is as big as possible here. Write out every detail without fear, shame, or doubt. No one can stop your paper dream. This question is important because you may find that you do not know exactly what you want yet. This will help you narrow your passions and focus.

2. If you left your job how would you financially support yourself? Eh, money talk. Dreamers hate discussing funds because we know it will take money to make money. The hard part is finding the motivation to do a bridge job in the meantime. Be honest with yourself and set a budget. Every business needs start-up funds and you should never sacrifice your well-being. The dream is not worth bankruptcy. Be optimistic, but strategic. Remember, you want your business around for the long haul.

3. What would your day look like if you didn’t have work to go to?


Be real with your answers. Be honest about what you really want. Maybe your job is the right fit but your being clouded by rose-colored glasses. A dream and entrepreneurship are two different things. What separates the successful is that they adopt a ‘can do’ attitude and are always prepared when life challenges derail their goals.

You can have it all, but you’re going to have to work really f***** hard.


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