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#ICYMI: What the Kavanaugh hearing means to women

The best part of social media is watching a live event and wondering if others are interpreting events the way you are. I avoided sharing my opinions of Kavanaugh during the hearing even though his behavior while being questioned troubled me.  Then I woke up this morning and the internet is undefeated. I was not the only one that noticed his flaring anger and some senators empathetic approach to impact the allegations have had on Kavanaugh’s reputation and home life.

The Republican Senate representatives kept pointing to the devastation these allegations have had on both families, but never addressed the victim as such. Kavanaugh says that these allegations have “destroyed” his family.  I was concerned that victims watching would somehow start to think that their attackers deserve empathy.


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Kavanaugh stated when questioned by senator Kamala Harris that he did not watch Dr. Ford’s testimony because he was preparing his testimony. Well, he appeared to be very unprepared and took the wrong approach.

As a man his ego was threatened and instead of being empathetic towards the accuser could only point too low his life will be affected. When it is blatantly clear that Dr. Ford’s life has been interrupted by her allegations for years.  Kavanaugh was getting a small taste of the fear Dr. Ford has lived in.

Based on the testimony of the high-ranking member it appears these allegations were made known during his first FBI investigation, but his investigation was already in the process to be closed so the Senate decided to launch a partisan investigation.  Kavanaugh redirected any questions that would shed a negative light on his character and ended any possibility of having another investigation conducted to include a new allegation of a third assault victim.

An innocent man would have been more emotionally collected throughout the hearing. The allegations are serious and I have no doubt his family has suffered being in the public eye. However, it was clear from the body language that he was trying to put a troubled past behind him.

Booker shattered the empathetic front the Republicans tried to establish by mentioning the fact that Dr. Ford was still a victim with nothing to blame.  While emotional his questions directed to Kavanaugh on whether or not he believed Dr. Ford to be a “political pawn” or “Clinton conspiracy”

The Senate votes today and the choice will be theirs but I wanted to offer some hope to victims of sexual assault who have watched the ordeal that Dr. Ford has had to endure. Coming forward with allegations js never easy. Here are three brief major takeaways To encourage and inspire any victims to remain strong and feel empowered to come forward:

#1 Speak your truth.

As a domestic violence victim, I know it can be hard to come forward with allegations against someone because people will question your intelligence when all you want is Justice. But, please if you or someone you know gas seriously been assaulted report that information immediately and allow the hospital to collect DNA evidence. That was one of the major doubts in this case and one that Republican senators repressed heavily. They stated that it was not a fair process because there was no supporting evidence.

#2 Live without shame.

Set yourself free from other opinions.  Dr. Ford faced a lot of criticism because of the timing but recognized it was her civic duty to tell her side of the story.

#3 Don’t fear your attacker.

Regardless of their age or the potential to be successful if you have been hurt by someone they deserve to pay the price. Bill Cosby’s case has set the precedent.

The Bar Association has called on a delay for the Senate’s vote, but this case speaks to more than just a vote for a Supreme Court nominee.  It was an indication of how sexual assault victims are treated in this country.  They are intimidated but attackers do not deserve protection or empathy.

For a full breakdown of the proceedings click here.

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