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How to still pursue professional success when life gets tough

Today starts mental health awareness month. Research recently conducted by the Skimm revealed that millennial women are reporting higher numbers in mental illness. Mental illness can be crippling and damaging to your career.

I am included in that group as I have just recently overcome my own bout with depression. It lasted 6 years and almost ruined my life. Life’s challenges can grow overwhelming and a lack of self-care only serves to make it worse.


Image provided via the Skimms Instagram feed.

So what do we do about this growing epidemic and help women grow forward?

Well, we can start by recognizing the stigma that prevents the 1 in 5 women struggling with it. By, understanding that mental illness is not taboo. It deserves attention and healing.

Support is the keyword. Let’s support each other emotionally as we learn more about depression and other mental illnesses.

A force that has no counterforce cannot remain a force. In other words, when you accept the circumstances of your life and when you accept that there is a reason for them, you end much of the output of mental resistance. This is what allows you to begin to finally have the power to change the circumstance.

Share this post with a friend it coworker who feels alone in their battle. There is strength in numbers and we can fight this together.  Go to curestigma.org to learn more.

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