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Why dreamers should have high hopes, but low expectations

By definition, an expectation is, “a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.” Growing up experiences and expectations shape the vision we have for our lives. We unwittingly convince ourselves what our lives are going to be like until life challenges reveal what they are. Until we face obstacles we imagine our lives pain-free on a narrow path to our dreams. The hard reality comes when that narrow path develops steep curves.


The detour ultimately forces to take the “scenic” route to accomplish our goals. However, not everyone is along for the ride. Some people come across life’s hurdles and they are able to leap. They continue leaping over them until they cross the finish line. Others stumble and decide to quit the race altogether.

When we start on our unique paths to the success we know who we want to become and how to get there bad on our expectation. However, as stated in the example above, when that expectation ok only leads to consistent failure it can leave us with the tough choice of deciding to press on or settle for our comfort zones.


We evaluate the failure we face over pre-conceived notions we have over our lives. In our minds, our plan ‘A’ is the master plan and it must happen. Most of us don’t enter adulthood with a contingency plan this relying upon only our expectations.
A few years ago the high expectations I held over my life forced me to live in a constant state of anger and unhappiness.

I was employed by a Fortune 50 company, great pay, and awesome co-workers. Sadly, at the time, my expectations were blinding me from seeing it that way.   It wasn’t until I stopped relying on the expectations and adapted to how things really were that change started to appear in my life and doors began to open. Once I stopped using all my energy fixated on failing I was able to focus on what I gained.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to be grateful for what you have and who you have in your life. Since accepting my life for what it is I have been able to lead a more positive, happy, and meaningful existence. Of course, there’s more to the story but the key take away for you today is the bull-s–t  behind expectations can hinder you from moving forward to a brighter future. Life is everything but easy but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to chase your dreams.

So, what things didn’t turn out the way you thought. You are still alive which means you still have an opportunity to define your own success. Expectations are a useful tool as motivation, but watch out for when you’ve outgrown them.

Life will not always meet your expectations. A plan is merely a guide, not a certainty. The energy I wasted on anger and trying to change situations I was meant to be in, distracted me from the power I had to create change. In order to become who we are meant to be sometimes, we have to happily take the detour.

Be mindful of your energy. Don’t focus on trying to change what happened, instead focus on the lesson. No matter what obstacle you’re facing you can overcome it. Let go of the life you expected for the one you were meant to have. There is power in letting go. Exercise your right to let go and thrive. Things may be bad but they are not as bad as they seem.


Life is all about the gains. If everything was all good how would ever develop the strength we need to manage our daily lives. My favorite quote will always be, “Everything happens for a reason.” Be proud of who you are, embrace change courageously. live boldly in the present, and chase your dreams.


Let’s continue the conversation in the comments, How has taking a ‘detour’ ultimately changed your life?  Please share this post with a friend who is holding on too tightly and could benefit from a fresh start.


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