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How to perfect your resume

If you are serious about landing a career you love then your resume should be a representation of that passion.  The truth is, recruiters, feel like they know from the moment they review your resume. If you have been in multiple interviews with no tangible offers your resume may be the cause and I have the solution.

Your resume is the first thing that employers see when considering you as a potential candidate for hire. In fact, recruiters see your resume before you are even referred for an interview or to continue on in the hiring process. Recruiters look over hundreds of resumes weekly. Spending an average of 60 seconds reviewing each one. Their time is limited so they know exactly what they are looking for in their potential candidate.

Which makes this one to two-page document one of the most important parts of the job hunt process. I would post a picture of a perfectly formatted resume but there are so many right ways to do it. The resume should be tailored to the position you are applying for. Companies are looking for committed candidates to be flexible with editing your resume. There is no ‘one size fits all.

However, there are specific ways to get it wrong. Creating a resume can be stressful here are tips to help get you started towards an amazing resume that fits the job you are applying for:

# 1 Keep it SIMPLE but watch your format.

That’s right, keep it very simple. Less is more in this case. A recruiter or hiring manager will be looking over anywhere between 30-100 resumes. Making your resume clean and concise will keep you from being overlooked. Your resume should be no longer than two pages. We also highly suggest using a template. Comment below and we can email you two templates that have worked for others and myself in the past.

The margins should be 1″ and I wouldn’t be so worried about going over the coveted ‘one-page’ limit. As long as the additional adds value to you as a candidate I wouldn’t leave that off of a resume just to keep it short. It’s not about the length it is about being as concise as possible.

#2 Watch your FONT.

Your name should be in capital letters at the top of the page but no lager than size 14. The remainder of the resume should be no bigger than a 12 size font. Also, stray array from using cursive fonts. I suggest using Times New Roman or Caliber. Remember, keep it simple.

Receuiters are looking for clean, polished, and edited resumes. A unified font for the document will make it look more professional and yours will stand out.


#3 Use numbers and shine.

Make sure that you list awards and achievements on your resume. Additionally, include any clubs or volunteer organizations you are or were involved with within the last five years.

Also, use the space where you list your employment duties to highlight any statistics. Recruiters love numbers. For example, if you were a manager make sure to include the number of employees you managed. If you have a background in sales, makes sure you include dollar amounts of sales and number of clients.


Here is an example of the three tips below:


Example Resume 

Here is the order in which I would list the information.

Telephone #

Objective: Your objective should be only one sentence. For example, “Seeking a position utilizing my strong leadership, communication, and organizational skills.” Feel free to use your own wording as long as it is only one sentence.

If you have more to say then you can include a Summary of qualifications. A summary of qualifications is also great for someone with more than 10 employers or 10 years of work experience. For more information visit the lovely resume writers over at Resume Genius. Click here for examples and more tips.

Education*: If you have a degree higher than a High School Diploma then list that information (Bachelors, Masters, Ph. D) only here and do not include high school information. You will have an opportunity to do this on the application. Most employers just want to see if the education is relevant to the position. It doesn’t make or break you as a potential candidate. If you are interested in taking online courses to boost your chances of earning employment check out the local community colleges, universities, and

Most recent 3-4 employers listed. Once you are hired your employer will typically ask you to refill out your application including all of your work histories for the past 7 years.

Activities/Awards: Remember, this is where you shine!

Applications: List any software you are proficient in ( for example, Microsoft Office Suite, Oracle, SPSS).

These tips will polish your resume for success. As simple as these tips seem before I edited my resume post-college I was getting no callbacks. These methods helped me land all of my positions and I guarantee you they will help you.

Never spend time doubting your resume and again. Use these tips and go forward with confidence. But you can always hire a resume writer or check out your college/university career center for free resume editing.

Now it’s your turn. Have you learned any dos and don’ts for your resume? Share any tips below. Good luck on the job hunt.



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