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Hate your job? Here’s how to decide to love it or leave it

According to a recent Gallup Poll more than 70 percent of Americans are unhappy at work and their jobs. Many people go to work each day trying their best not to quit. They sit there all day and ponder how their life would turn out if they would just get up and walk out.

If you find yourself you’re not alone when it comes to hating your current role. However, do not forget about millions of other Americans who are unemployed. It is hard to go to a job  you have absolutely no interests in, however it is crucial that you focus on the big picture. There are legitimate reasons for leaving your job, which will I discuss further below. For now, let’s revisit the ‘why’ behind your work.

The big picture is living the life you’ve always imagined.  Make a choice today to change your perspective. Do not put this off tomorrow. Do not wait until after they give you a raise. Be happy and thankful today. This employer chose you and provided you an opportunity.

Change your attitude and see this job as the vehicle to the next stop on the roadmap to success. Map out your career goals and see how this job contributes to your overall future.

Now decide what is causing you to leave. Clearly define the terms or changes you are looking for in your current role in order for you to stay. For example, conflict with management, not enough hours, or poor benefits.

Here are three tactics to help you turn things around if you’re on the fence about leaving your job:

1. Focus on what you would want in your next role

If you have come to the conclusion that your current role is not the right fit, that’s great, now make a plan for a graceful exit. Before you leave your job in anger, make sure you have a clear understanding of what it is that you are looking for in your next position. Be bold, clear, and concise. Be bold enough to look for jobs that match your interests. Be clear on exactly what you need your next job to have whether it’s less teamwork or more break time or better benefits.

Be concise with what you want or you will just continue to attract the jobs that are not right for you.

If you still can text decide, try these tactics to turn things around:

2. Develop your skills

While your current job may not be a match for what you’d like to do, there are still skills that can be learned. Skills are transferable. Anything your current job teaches you can be of use in your future.

You may not like your job but you can definitely learn something. Each day try to learn something new related to your career goals. Learn as much as you can because there is always something that you can take away. For example if you know in your next desired position you will need more experience with communication take on tasks in your current role where you will be speaking more often.

3. Remind yourself that it is not permanent.

Maybe! Unless to do the work you will remain where you are. You have to make a plan. Don’t make any rash decisions. Set a date for the day you plan to leave your current position. Counting down will help the days go by faster. The best part is having something to look forward too will make the hard days your best days.


Now if you are in a work situation that is causing you any of these reasons you may want to start applying for jobs now. For example, your job is causing anxiety or depression, conflict with management, issues with co workers, or it is too demanding for your personal obligations (i.e. children.)

Also if you’ve tried everything to make it work consider switching industries or going back to school. Take a moment and decide what your ideal job looks like. Be open to alternative possibilities & pursuing then without fear and judgement. Start a checklist of what you would like your next position to be like. Don’t let a lack of experience or fear of change keep you from leaving a job that is simply not the right fit.

How have you dealt with a job you hated in the past? Did you decide to love it or leave it?

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