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Simple ways to get more done

Our environment has many factors that cause stress. In 2014 a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association reported that 72% of Americans are experiencing some levels of stress. Which is completely normal because in life you have to learn how to expect the unexpected. But you know don’t need a survey to tell you Americans are stressed. Just read the body language of your co-workers. Everyone is overworked, over stressed, and over extended. We have catapulted into a society geared towards getting more done.

Busyness has become common place.  We all do it. Texting while walking or talking on the phone while writing. We stay busy during our free time with our lists of errands to run and people to see. In order to get everything done that often requires us to do multiple things at one time or not at all. Multi-tasking has become a skill and many jobs require that you have the ability to do many things at once. When multi-tasking is really unproductive.  Busyness does not add up to productivity. Read on for my solution to the growing trend.

It seems that work/life has become non-existent. Balancing your professional with your personal can grow to be exhausting. Eventually the lines blur due to the demands of everyday life. A common misconception is the more you get accomplished in a day, the more productive you are.

However, this common trend among working professionals is sabotaging productivity. Your potential is also not being reached. You need to focus on one goal, activity or task at a time to optimize your energy.

Multitasking does not lead to great results because everything is only getting a fraction of your work ethic. If you’re writing a book and talking on the phone at the same time: you’re not really listening to who you’re on the phone with and your not writing quality content.

I recommend that you prioritize. Break down tasks and give each task it’s on designated time slot in your schedule. Even plan to do things you enjoy. If your favorite show comes on from 8-9 p.m. don’t schedule anything during that time slot.

Prioritizing is the opposite of procrastinating. His technique helps you live in the moment. When you live in the present you can create more abundance for your life right now and your future.

For example, a scenario might be you have to make a conference call and pick your child up from school. Plan ahead of time so that you can schedule the conference after you’ve dropped off your child. By doing this you could spend quality time with your child and be prepared for the conference.

Distractions are nice but they will not contribute to your success.  When are multitasking you are just distracting yourself and hindering . Of course there are impromptu or emergency situations where this technique is not going to be suitable. However this will work for you 99.9 percent of the time.

You can plan out your week on Sunday or every night before you go to bed. However remember to be flexible to your plan. Prioritizing is meant to help you not stress you out further.



Let’s wrap this up with three important points so that you can stop being busy and start being productive: 

#1 Make a schedule and to-do list for everyday. Include leisure time.

Planning ahead of time gives everything the time it deserves and reduces stress. Lists are really helpful in determining what to do first. If something has been nagging at you that needs to be done, I suggest that being number one. Procrastination can be a huge road block when you are trying to eliminate stress and pressure.

#2 Be present for each task.

Living in the moment is the best way to lead a soul-filled, balanced life. Also you will be an ‘engaged’ participant in whatever you are doing. Being there versus engaging in the moment is a huge difference. Engaging is making an emotional commitment. Whether it is a meeting at work, job interview, or even your kids basketball game; make an active choice to leave everything unrelated at the door.

#3 Monitor your energy.

If you are not meeting deadlines but also have not missed an episode of your favorite show there is an attention issue. I read this quote,”Some of the most successful people in the world manage their energy, not just their time.” I believe that this is the key. I use a light hearted example above but this could be applied to any aspect of your life. No matter if a situation is positive or negative you can choose what deserves your full attention.

Living in the moment, being engaged, and in control of your energy will help you et more done. Choose to operate with strategy and hustle.  Play the long game with your life and career. There is no rush. Do not rob yourself of the beauty of today and the things that really matter. One of my favorite writers on the topic of leading engaged life is Dani at Her blog, business, and personality resonate the importance of being present. Click the link to learn more.

If you enjoyed this post feel free to share. Before you go, how do you get more done? I know you ambitionista’s have tricks and tips. Share your insight below. Have a motivational Monday!

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