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Simple ways to slow down and stop rushing through life

“The faster we go, the more we’ll get done.” Heard this before? Contradictory to our modern world’s view, everything cannot be rushed. There is power is slowing down our rush to success and wealth. There is no such thing as an overnight success. Trying to cram everything in every minute is unrealistic and unproductive. If you have too many tasks piled on your shoulders and not enough time in your day to get them done that can be overwhelming. If you’re ready to slow down and take some of your life back then this post is for you.

We can all benefit from rushing less through our days and settling into the ‘moments’. Life is always better when we are present. Life can only be enjoyed if it is savored. When we are truly savoring the moment we are completely focused on the opportunities ahead.

The moment I realized that every day had become a mad dash to get it all done, I decided to take a year to ‘unplug.’ I was trying to start my first business, finish my master’s degree, juggling two jobs, and maintain my blog. At the time I was busy but I was going nowhere fast. I was unable to focus on one thing long enough to make it grow and prosper. I felt ready for it all but didn’t realize I was still in a ‘preparatory’ period. I was goal skipping without an effective strategy. Ultimately I was rushing my own growth by planting seeds but blocking my sunshine by not having patience.

How do we truly know if something was meant for us if we are constantly moving on to the next goal?

Sometimes when we make the fateful decision to rush we can easily make mistakes. Also, we lose sight of the beautiful journey that is life. We don’t know who we truly are until we face challenges. Challenges are a necessary evil for us to become world travelers, serial entrepreneurs, corporate executives, we thrive to be. No matter what your goal is, rushing is not the answer. Preparation plus patience will add up to prosperity.

Choose not to wish the transitional period was over and you were living the success you see daily on social media. Growth is inevitable if you are trying to get to any place worth going.

We must take the time to cultivate true self-awareness. We can do this by focusing more on managing our attention and less on busyness. When you find yourself through life take these steps to shift your mindset and gravitate towards engagement and a path to a more fulfilling existence.

#1 Take time to appreciate the small successes.

Don’t be too busy looking for the reward that you miss the milestones you are breaking. Whether its a new job, degree, or business venture treat yourself with kindness on the journey to growth. Not every reward is immediate so by reinforcing yourself with positive action once you’ve made a small step will keep you going a little further. The little things really do matter.

#2 Keep a journal.

If you have a constant flow of ideas it doesn’t mean you have to do them all at once, Keep a journal of your daily thoughts and ideas as it applies to your vision. A day job doesn’t mean your dreams have to die. It just simply means you are not there yet. Don’t count yourself out. Maintain a journal so you can keep track of your best ideas and make a plan of action to make the leap from the work you have to do to the work and life you’ll love.

#3 Practice these affirmations for mindset shifts. Repeat twice daily for the best results.

If affirmations aren’t your thing go ahead and skip to #4. Affirmations helped me shift my mindset out of 5th gear and on the right pace. Affirmations are used by many life coaches, teachers, and consultants to help clients and individuals expand their personal growth. Use these if you need to shift your mindset and find the right place to land on your goals at the right time:

  1. My potential is limitless.
  2. I forgive myself for my mistakes.
  3. Challenges are opportunities for growth.
  4. I am adaptable to change and embrace the detours the will lead me to accomplish my dreams.

#4 Watch this TEDx talk.

David Randt speaks on the true path to living our best lives.

#5 Start an encouragement board on Pinterest and pin this or make a sticky note.


#6 Make a list of at least 10 things you’d rather be doing outside of your normal routine.

Once you have your least try to incorporate the activity in your daily or weekly routine. This list should include activities, passions, and things that “light you up.” If your list involves travel, make a plan for the trip, and request the days off with your employer. If you are self-employed look at the time of year you could afford to be away. Taking the time to unplug will make you a better leader.

This is my list but what other things could we do to make our lives less stressful and more meaningful? Let us know in the comments. If you enjoyed this post share it with a friend who could use some encouragement to stay the course.

Thank you for reading and have a great motivational Monday.

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