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How to relieve work related stress

Working full time and trying to have a personal life seems impossible. Balancing your professional with your personal can grow to be exhausting. Eventually, the lines blur due to the demands of everyday life. The free time you get the following work should be used to refresh your mind and reset for the next day.

Work related stress can disrupt that process over time. If you are not giving you mind the proper time to rejuvenate you will stat to feel more stress thus lowering productivity. According to Relevant Magazine, “Millennials are a stressed out generation.”   Our environment has many factors that cause stress.

Let’s face it. We spend more time at work than with our families. As much as we try to separate our career from our personal life, it is not always easy to shut down after a tough day. The new normal in the workforce is busyness. We may not have time for everything but we do have time for what we choose to make it for. I encourage you to make time to manage you stress in a healthy way.  You deserve to spend your time wisely which is why the aspects of your work do not belong in your personal life. The majority of us are not even aware of the impact of being consumed by the everyday stress. The impact can be:

1. Negative performance reviews at work.

2. Less engagement with family, co-workers and friends.

3. Increased anxiety and risk of depression.


If you find yourself struggling to manage the stress that has started to effect your work performance here are 3 simple ways to shut down stress at the office:



#1 Prioritize by keeping a daily schedule.

Break down tasks and give each task it’s on designated time slot in your schedule. Even plan to do things you enjoy. If your favorite show comes on from 8-9 p.m. don’t schedule anything during that time slot unless necessary. Plan ahead of time to give everything the time it deserves.


You can plan out your week on Sunday or every night before you go to bed. However remember to be flexible to your plan. Prioritizing is meant to help you not stress you out further.


#2 Go out and do something fun with friends or family.
If money is tight you can find an affordable way to have an evening out or a little bit of fun. It’s not all doom and gloom. You can find the good in anything!It’s okay to give yourself a night off from sulking and thinking about all of the what-ifs.

Give yourself a chance to refuel. Going out and having fun will reduce your stress level tremendously. Multiple research studies have shown the benefit of laughter. Use it to your advantage.


#3 Plan for change.

Make one change in your life that could lead to reducing stress even if it will make you uncomfortable.  For example, after losing my job paying my rent became difficult but out of pride I stay living there until the stress became too much. I was so stressed my hair started falling out. I made the tough decision to move back in with my mother.

Answer this simple question. Write down the fist thing that comes to your mind. What is holding you back from making necessary change? relationship or work? financial stress?  If you over-think your answer you may explain things away. You may say that a new promotion with crazy hours and an unproductive team is healthy stress because it is benefiting your career. When the promotion may not have been a good choice for your personal life.

These are just a few things you can do to relieve the pressure from work related stress.  Share the ways you relax and Refresh from the work week below.


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