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Why you need to start doing the things only you can do 

When we are kids we believe anything is possible. Our minds are wide open. But, at some point in everyone’s lives, we close off the part of our minds that believes anything is possible and start being driven by the reality facing us every day. We stop dreaming and hoping for change. We stop looking for more and settle for less.

However social media is slowly forcing everyone to tune in to the wonder that the world holds. We are slowly overcoming the baby boomer ideals that push the normal standard of success. Millennials now want more than a house with a picket fence. They want the gambit.

Social media has created a huge microscope around the world. We are now all connected to one another. We get to see all kinds of lifestyles, cultures, and ideals of beauty. And while being connected gives all of us an opportunity to explore the many facets of our beings many of us settle for mediocre lives.

Now mediocre for the purpose of this text does not mean lame but less than what we deserve. We have inspiring examples of people living outside of the norms yet we choose to accept the norm for ourselves. I’m guilty of doing the same thing at times. One day I believe I conquer it all and the next I feel I will never carry out anything.

The reality is we can be motivated by our fears of realizing our own potential. We limit our own greatness. The few who brave the storm and decide to live life according to the true representation of their innermost desires are the true winners. Success is not being able to post perfectly polished photos to social media or wealth or even meeting a specific goal.

True success lies in the ability to love ourselves unconditionally and overcome obstacles that are meant to block out abundance. It is being happy in our hearts wherever we are.

Unfortunately, we often allow our expectations to define our success. Sometimes our goals cause us to become narrow. We unconsciously choose to focus on one passion and one aspect. When we do that we lose the full spectrum of our natural abilities. But, this can also cause us to miss out on our full opportunity to express who we’re meant to become. Marie Forleo says it best, “The world needs that special gift that only you have.”

Living authentically leads the fulfilled life we all strive for. You’re not incapable of reaching your goals. In fact, you are more than capable. Start doing the things that make you feel closer to achieving our goals. Learn to use your strengths. Quiet down your inner critic and forget the opinions of others.

Your inner voice is speaking to you. Louder than you think. Only when you stop trying to build a life that matches the ideal of success based on social rules will you be able to define your own life and live successfully on your terms.

Share this with a friend or co-worker who feels that they have nothing to offer.

Let’s continue this conversation in the comments. What is your definition of living authentically?


  1. Geo Gee says

    Well, you sure have an abundance of skills as a motivational writer and we are blessed to have you share those skills with the world. “Start doing the things you were always meant to be doing. Start using your strengths”. You’re dead on target with that. As a matter of a fact adopting that as a life mission statement of sorts has led me to be highly successful in a lot of business arenas. I utilize my strengths which points me right to where I’m meant to be, doing what I believe I’m supposed to being doing in that particular environment. The results have always been successful.

    As far as my weakness go- I don’t let them lay dormant – I work on them and I’ve found when they become stronger they in effect become keys that open even more doors.

    “The reality is we are being driven by the fear of realizing our own potential. We limit our own greatness.The few who brave the storm and decide live life according to the true representation of their inner most desires are the true winners.” Golden Alisha – Simply Golden!

    This post is my “Chicken Soup” for the day!

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    • I am humbled yet again. My goal is to produce content and build a brand that provides people those golden nuggets they need to overcome obstacles. I strive to provide advice that I wish I would have heard several years ago. You are very successful Geo. I admire your work and your feedback reassures me that I am on target with my goals. Enjoy the soup! 🙂

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