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Why you should forgive yourself for past mistakes

Dwelling in the past requires an insurmountable amount of energy that only leads to repeat occurrences. What you think about the most will become a reality. Our thoughts drive our actions. Dwelling on your past can keep you from making any kind of progress. No matter what stage you are at in life, you can still have a successful future.
If you are constantly replaying past events looking for new ways to solve them then you’re missing out on opportunities.

An opportunity presents itself daily. And not in the form of a fairy godmother granting wishes just you and the willpower to live your life on your terms.
Bottom line: You have the power to achieve, create, and become the vision you have for your life, self and career.  Everything is on the table. No dream is off limits.  Stop being a victim of your high expectations and the events that you can never change. Not because you’re not awesome but because there is no going back.
Heartbreak, disappointment, and failures can leave us all doubting ourselves and our choices. There have been many nights where I have sat and thought about all the things that I wish I could change. But one thing always manages to snap me out of it: the present.
My present looks nothing like what I imagined at 18 years old. I am not a mental health counselor and that New York best times seller I was planning on is still in the works. I never imagined that I would be working a full-time corporate job along with life and career coaching. At one point I didn’t know that I wanted to coach much less blog.  My expectations were not being met and I almost lost my job because I stopped performing at a high level because I wanted more.

I thought my past mistakes made me miss my big opportunity to have the career and life I wanted. While my goal was to become a mental health counselor, ultimately it wasn’t the right path and didn’t align with the gifts that I was meant to share. I was angry for a while over what went wrong but over time I realized how it all contributed to the overall end-game.  So, how do you move past mistakes and focus on the present?

Expectations have a way of getting the best of us. Life changes you and your choices alter your course. However, dwelling on the wrong choices won’t magically make them right.
Life is not a sequel. Try to imagine your life as if it was a feature film. For example, we can all watch Titanic again for the millionth time but none of us can stop the boat from sinking. You can rewind your life every day and watch it again, but you will remain in the same place if you don’t allow your life to continue.
You have to keep doing. Put down your ‘mental remote’ and stop rewinding. The past is meant to be learned from. Use the lessons, pain, anger, and failure to fuel your fire to create new beginnings.  There is power in starting over. Don’t give in. Fight for the life you deserve. Live positively and presently and you will reach unimaginable heights not only on a personal level but in your career too.

An easy way to get started is by utilizing my free worksheet, 21 questions to Clarity. Designed to help you tap into your potential, create positive change and enable powerful actions.  Take action now.

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