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Use this mantra to replace negativity with faith

It will please some of you tonight that I almost titled this. “What I learned from my year as a Debbie-downer,” it will please the rest of you to know that I learned the consequences of having a negative outlook. After losing my job I spent an entire year wallowing and complaining to anyone who had ears. I felt ashamed by my failure. The lack of income and security made me feel like I was losing control over my life. If only I knew how wrong I was in that moment.

When something happens to us that forces us to transition it can seem uncomfortable and unfair. As much as my past brings me pain it also brings me joy because it made me who I am. The only regret I have is losing 365 chances to change things. I become consumed by my grief and pain that I ignored the small miracles that can be found in our daily lives.

Today is a new day and you should treat it like one. Take this mantra with you throughout today and the rest of the week. It is a simple reminder that you may not be able to control your circumstances but you can control your thoughts and what you choose to believe.

Your mindset has the power to make anything possible. Think of your mindset as the foundation.  You have the power to permit your gifts to be used to enrich your life. You are your own worst enemy. Don’t allow negative thinking to hinder your growth.

When you are trapped in this mindset


What would you rather build your success on- negative and doubt? Or positivity and faith?

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