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5 surprising reasons to drink water for energy at work

It wasn’t until I passed out from dehydration on the job that I realized the importance of water consumption throughout the workday. Before my life altering even I used to reach for a red bull or grab a soda when I needed a mid-afternoon boost at work.

Since increasing my consumption of water in the last year I have noticed major benefits. My concentration has improved and I have more energy.  Consider drinking more water instead of caffeine or other options throughout the workday to keep you healthy and hydrated.  Also, less caffeine consumption improves concentration.

Here are 5 surprising facts to help you drink more water and improve your health and work ethic overall:

#1 Increases productivity 

Water helps you remain alert and on point. Water benefits your body and your brain.

#2 Energy booster!

Water combats dehydration that leads to tiredness. Dehydration comes rom consuming too many caffeinated beverages. There’s nothing wrong with having caffeine but Dr.Oz recommends fit every one soda you gave at least three glasses of water.
#3 Natural headache remedy.

Add lemon to your water to help improve the acid-alkaline balance in the body. Read more about the benefits that here

#4 Gets rid of bad breath.

A dry mouth can impact your breath. Stay hydrated to ensure fresh breath lasts longer.

#5 Relieves your hangover. 

Water does have the ability to reduce a tension headache from a hangover and help re-hydrate you so you’re back at 100 percent after a night out in no time. Hope these 5 facts will help you drink more water and assist you in meeting your wellness goals for 2016. (Don’t ask how I know this works)

Hope these help!


Please pray for Flint, Michigan during their water crisis.


  1. wwwpalfitness says

    Well typically the average person is supposed to drink 8 glasses a day without working out at all. If you drink water too fast you can get a water OD, intoxication and pass out. You left out it makes your skin brighter and clearer. But I often suggest drinking powerade as it is better for dehydration and/or Body Armor which pack a lot of potassium in it. We are supposed to take in 2700 mg-4700. Most ppl if they eat a lot of fruit get 2000. This simple drink is 12 oz and gives you 600, drink a couple of these and then you need less water.

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    • Thank you so much! This is just a glimpse of what I’ve learned so far. Good to know about Powerade. Dehydration is a recurring problem for me. Great info !

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      • wwwpalfitness says

        It’s a massive issue for me since I was 12. My muscles go concave systemically. I routinely take potassium, magnesium and a Super B. If I miss one day and get blood taken it comes back as dehydrated.

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      • At first I thought it was diabetes because of genetics because it has been persistent.

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      • wwwpalfitness says

        I had a nutritionist say I was diabetic as well. At worst I get athletic induced hypoglycemia combined with taking in too many carbs at the same time. I have to make sure to add extra quick absorption protein which they no longer make real meals, bars or drinks that are all protein. Even meals that say an excellent source of protein are around 15% when a good amount would be 50. 20 years ago a protein drink was just that.


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