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Steps to creating a resume recruiters will love

Your resume is your ticket to getting one step closer to your ideal career. It is your opportunity to make a first impression with recruiters.  Create a resume that tells your story in a unique way while attracting recruiters attention.  Learn strategies that will guarantee your resume never goes un-noticed.

Recruiters are extremely busy which means that they scan quickly through resumes. They don’t go quickly because they want to rush, they are skilled at what to look for in a potential candidate. A common misconception is that the job interview is the your chance to make a first impression. When the truth is your resume is your first impression. It will speak volumes for you. Take the extra time to ensure you are presenting the best representation of your personal brand.

Here are the top three turn-offs you should avoid doing on your resume:

#1: Your resume is too long.

#2: Your resume has no statistics showing your contribution on your previous jobs.

#3: Your resume appears cluttered with informaiton and has no organizational flow.

Refresh your resume

Are you being overlooked by recruiters? If you have filled out multiple applications with no contact from recruiters apply these simple tips to create a resume recruiters love.
Awesome Resume Tip #1:  1-2 pages max.

You can sacrifice length as long as the information you are providing is relevant to the position. Do not add additional information to the resume that could potentially hurt your application. For example keep your objective statement to one sentence. You will also want to ensure that you provide at lease 3 bullet points under each position. Less than that can make it seem like you didn’t do much. More than that will be doing too much. Unless you only worked for one employer.

The format of your resume is up to you. I recommend using templates on Microsoft Word or Google Docs to get started.

Awesome Resume Tip #2: Be able to articulate specifically what you helped your previous employer accomplish by knowing you stats.

Did you customer service help raise your company sales by 12%? That’s just an example but numbers are a great way for recruiters to see you are the best because you will increase value.

Awesome Resume Tip #3: Edit, edit, edit.

Keep your name at 14 point maximum and the rest of the resumes at 12 font. Ensure that there is proper spacing so that a recruiter can quickly scan your resume. Recruiters review 100’s some even 1,000’s of resumes daily. Make it easy for them to pick you out of the bunch like the star you are.

These tips can be utilized by anyone who needs to refresh their resume. Whether you are looking for entry-level work or changing careers, these tips can help you put you present the best version of your professional experience.

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