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Success is being happy in your heart where you are

Sometimes we all get caught up in the social media fluff. Now, more than ever we have visual reminders daily that our lives are not on par with our dreams and someone out there is living them. There are a lot of websites empowering and inspiring but sometimes we have to take a step back and realize that we have to enjoy where we are before we are elevated. Personal development and improvement should be a priority. However, you can’t rush it.

Many people have expressed disdain for their career because they fill they deserve more money or that they are being underpaid for their skills based on comparing their selves to others in their field. However, any one in finance will tell you that how much you make has little to do with your success. Sometimes the person you think is making more money and living better than you, is swimming in debt.

Why it’s okay to be exactly where you are…

You will never know the truth about someone else but you will always be able to see the truth in you. Focus on what you have and it will grow. You will lose sight of yourself if you are constantly comparing your situation to another’s.

Do not live in a place of discontent just because your 5-year plan has turned into your  ‘whenever I get it done’ plan. It is okay. Always be open and flexible. Remember to use your plan as a guide. I’m not saying give up or give in to a life you don’t want. I’m saying live at the moment and love it anyway until you love it automatically.

If you’re too tired after working for somebody else all day to work on your dream, then you don’t want it bad enough. This is something that you will need to decide before moving forward.

Practice patience and perseverance. Develop a plan. Decide what it will take to complete the plan.

It is as simple as that. Change is only as hard as you make it. The longer you procrastinate or hold yourself you are missing out on a full opportunity to define your success.

If the life you always wanted is keeping you up at night and leaving you feeling incomplete, you owe it to yourself to actively pursue what you really want. However, don’t do it at the expense of your present. Be happy now and anticipate great things coming.

How to be happy in your heart where you are right now

Redirect your thoughts from negativity to prosperity and success. It is up to you to dare to choose and radiate outward with your thinking what you really wish to experience.

When we make a mistake that impacts our lives and loved ones we want to immediately blame ourselves. Following the blame, we feel shame and are no longer confident in our abilities. Negative self-talk also increases during this time making it hard for us to heal and move forward. We all have gone through a period where we did nothing but marinate our minds with negativity and overwhelm ourselves with self-judging thoughts but you have to stop this process because you are sabotaging yourself. The majority of those feelings come from heightened assumptions.

When the odds don’t seem in your favor it can be difficult to imagine success. You can’t realize your dreams when you feel like nothing will change or get better. Uncertainty is hard. This is why it is important that you work on the strength of your faith muscle. Just how you have physical muscle mass, you also have internal muscles. Your faith muscle needs to be worked on in order to build your strength to be committed your desired career goals. Having a strong faith muscle should be an important element in your life. Faith is the one thing that can get you through just about any situation no matter how tough it may seem or feel.

Control your focus

Focus on what you have and it will grow. You will lose sight of yourself if you are constantly comparing your situation to another’s. You are on a unique path and less traveled path. Believe in your abilities and your higher power today.

Are you living in the past or present? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Geo Gee says

    Awesome post. I’ve experienced being in my own way more than once. This post is an effective GPS on just how one can get out of their own way and get on with acquiring their dream. Thanks -> definitely worthy of a reblog and social media share.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s something I remind myself of daily. Thank you for the share and the wonderful feedback you always provide!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. madlassworks says

    I tend to feel frustrated thinking about the future. I visualize so much, that I am becoming impatient. My dreams would eventually crystallize if it is meant to be coupled with my determination and hardwork. We have nothing but big dreams. We should live in the present. glad to read this meaningful article fit most especially for the young ones whp have their life yet to unfold

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you for your insights. Yes your dreams will unfold stay the course !


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