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How to stay ahead while unemployed

Here are three tips to help you keep your life on track while unemployed:

Tip #1) Write out your plan for recovery.

If your goal is to become a chef, you should write all the steps necessary to complete it. For example:

Step 1: Go to culinary school.

Step 2: Upon graduation get employment as a sous chef.

Writing the action steps down on paper makes your dream more tangible and creates a clear path for you to follow. Each time you have completed a step mark it out. This physical cue if marking out a step will make you feel closer to your goals. By doing this you can reward yourself and see that you are still making progress towards your dream even when life has made it seem impossible.

Tip #2) Don’t let your pride get in the way.

Reaching out for help will not make you weak or your friends and family feel that you’re no longer dependable. If someone close to you chooses to not be there for you, don’t be angry. All that means is that person was never genuinely there for you from the beginning. If you have neither friends not family that you feel comfortable sharing with, contact a counselor. Talking to someone is pivotal during a hard time. You are not alone!

Tip #3) Manage your finances.


Take a deep breath and contact your creditors immediately. This will give you the upper hand with them. I’m not saying that each creditor will have good news, but by contacting them first you can know what place you are in and which bills you need to make your priority.




  1. I have experienced unemployment 3x. 2 out of those 3xs i lived with my mom so financially i was good but emotionally i was a wreck! However this 3rd time around because i have past experience in this area i am better off emotionally. I am also ok financially for a while due to severance and savings. My job also pays a career transition company to prepare me in my job search so really i couldnt have asked for a better scenario. Still it can get emotional and im lucky to be surrounded by so many supporting me and encouraging me. I find purpose in each day by working out talking to friends and setting “office hours” to job search. I also take a tax class to prepare for my part time gig and i share my book “How to Overcome Heartbreak” at schools. Basically i find other avenues to use my gifts and talents. I would recommend others do the same while they are in transition.


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