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3 things you can do to feel more happiness right now | Q&A

Q&A Friday is here, as a part of the ongoing series this month. Today’s question comes from Maddie in Dallas, TX and it completely fit my mood. Lately I have been going through a lot and having been feeling hopeless. For a few days I feared that nothing would improve. Read Maddies’s question and my response below. I provide her and you 3 things you can do today to feel happiness. So, let’s jump right in:

Q: Im having a hard time feeling happy. After losing my job and my relationship with my fiancé my life changed, but not for the better. I was able to find a new job but I hate it and it’s less pay which has deepened my financial hole. I feel like giving up and nothing I do will help. How can I feel happy with all of this going on and move on? 

A: Maddie, you do have a lot going on and thank you sharing. It’s a brave thing to tell someone how hard you have it right now. It’s not easy losing your pride. I’m happy you were able to find employment and hopefully soon you will find something higher paying.

When it comes to happiness you need to approach it from a different angle. Will a new job or relationship really fill that void? And once you have another job will you really feel happy? Ponder theses questions because the answers will be very revealing.

You have to understand that happiness isn’t given but it is achievable with the right mind set and attitude. The only thing that can help you feel happier is YOU. You are the catalyst.

Here are 3 things you can do today to start your process:

#1 Call a good friend or loved one. 

Cut anything and anyone from your life that is not supporting you. Call your friends and family that you do trust and tell them you are having a hard time. Their support will help you to realize that you are not alone. Do not let pride hold you back. We all have struggles abs I’m sure someone will be able to relate.

#2 Spend more time doing things that make you happy.

Look around for free or affordable events for you to attend. Some cities offer community movie nights and free yoga classes. Get out there and try new things.

#3 Be kind to yourself. 

You’re doing a great job. Recognize that you are going through hard times but they won’t last forever. It won’t help you to think of yourself or your situation negatively. You can’t change yesterday but you have the power to change your tomorrow.

Hope this helps!

Sound off in the comments f you need to vent or if you have went through something similar, how did you overcome?


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