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How to see past the “perfection” on social media and accept yourself

Social media tends to highlight only people’s “perfections.” There a plenty of photo editing applications make up artists, and photographers with the ability to make somewhere appear more polished than in person. Facebook profiles, Instagram pages, and Twitter accounts are filled with nothing but highlight reels.

I call them to highlight reels because we are only seeing the best of everything. Even when someone posts something negative they instantly delete it.  We are not getting the full picture of someone’s life based on their perfectly cropped and filtered photos so there is no need for you to compare your life to someone else’s.

I’m not afraid to admit that I use filters. I have also posted photos of me smiling when my world was falling apart. We all hide the vulnerability of our personal lives. This trend has unfortunately raised depression and suicide rates around the country. Mostly young women have been impacted. The majority of the pressure coming from fat shaming. However, there are more positive body image campaigns coming out. For example model, Ashley Graham is apart of the initiative to spread the campaign, plus is equal.

Self-love is the best love. Self-love can help you fight the urge to compare yourself to someone else.


If social media has you down here are some tips to lift you up and help you learn  accept yourself:

Tip #1 Focus on your own grass. 

Stop comparing and start living in your own shoes. You will not see a change in your life if you are too busy focused on someone else’s. Work will not be accomplished if you send those hours constantly thinking about having more. Watching somebody else for financial advice only leads to mirages. You never know how someone is affording their lifestyle.

If you consistently compare yourself you will never feel up to par. Every day you feel like you should be doing more. When the reality is that you need to move at your own pace. Success has no limits. Everyone has an equal shot at success, and so do you.

Tip #2 Accept who you are. 

You don’t need celebrities and magazines telling you what will make you beautiful. Only you can find that out.

You will not always be able to spend your life hiding in the shadows. Success requires ambition. Ambition requires confidence. You have a gift that the world needs! You have the power and ability to love yourself automatically without any validation from the world. Will you start?


Join the conversation! Comment below if social media has given you the feeling that you’re not enough


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