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4 Habits of success we’ve learned from Beyonce and Jay Z 


Beyonce and Jay Z have become an undeniable force in business. They are thriving. From Beyonces high grossing tours to the launching of the new music app Tidal by Jay Z: these two quickly became moguls and leaders in the music industry. They have accomplished so much more. They clearly have the key to success on lock. The power duo’s, On the Run Tour, was one of the highest grossing tours of all time.

However they both have faced the odds to get to the massive success they have achieved. A lot of people sit and wonder how they did it. I went and find out. The Carters aren’t the only successes that deserve recognition, howwver their work ethic is what makes them the focus of my article today. If you want your dreams you will have to fight. Here are 4 things that I’ve learned from the Carters if you want to reach the highest level of self and career status:
1. Stay true to yourself. 

Above anything they have stayed true to who they are. Even as a couple they still operate as individuals with each having their own strengths and values. No matter what any one says about them or what’s posted in the tabloids they steer from the negative and focus on the positive. When you truly no who you are and stand in truth the sky is the limit.
2. Confidence is key but the leave the Ego at home. 

These two are extremely humble. Be confident  but don’t bring your ego. Even if you are the absolute best at something there’s is always someone better than you. It’s about the unique gift that you have to offer. Share your gifts but don’t think they are the only gifts to share.
3. Network

The Carters are friends with practically everyone across a variety of different industries. Do not just choose to connect with people in your field of career of choice. Be choosy but don’t be selective. Be open to meeting and speaking with anyone because you never know what opportunity could come out of a chance meeting or run in.

4. Maintain your image. 

Privacy is keep. Choose what you are willing to share with the world. Decide what traits should be amplified and focus on them. Consistency is key. Change your style but maintain the image you have chosen to portray.

A lot can be learned from others who have paved the way and mastered personal success. However I encourage you not to expect the same success as someone else in return. Each journey to purpose and prosperity is different. Lead yours the best way you know how. Use success stories by reference only.

You have everything you need tucked inside of you. Beyonce proves that you have power beyond measure of you will put in the hard work and stay consistent. Jay Z proves to us that no matter where you come from the sky is the limit.


What habits are hindering you from growth? Let’s continue the conversation in the comments below.


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