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Success Recipe Ingredient #2: Confidence

Now that you have your first ingredient, friendships (clink link below to read about ingredient #1), and have built your support system, it is important that you support yourself as well. Low self-esteem and self-doubt will not serve you.  You’re going to have plenty of people telling you that because of who you are or where you come from your dreams are not possible.  Even people who you love and who love you dearly will tell you, you will never make your dreams come true.

My parents are constantly beating me down about my career choice in the field of psychology.  I am currently experiencing financial setbacks and because all they see is problems they have grown to doubt me on my path to become a counselor. I could let them get to me and give up.  I could settle for less and start a career that has nothing to do with my goals for financial gain, but if I did that I would be accepting what they say as truth and giving up on myself.

You have to be able to take people’s comments and feedback in stride.  Not everyone is going to have good things to say about your plan.  They have not been given your vision so you can not expect them to understand. Have confidence in yourself and believe in yourself.  Use your haters and doubters as motivators.  Do not allow the opinion of others to override your own.  You know who you are and what you want to do. If you have not figured it all out yet that is okay too. Find comfort in at least knowing that you are trying. Build confidence now even if you are unsure.  No matter what your situation is, stay in your lane, do not try to keep up with anyone.  Focus on your plan and your path only.  Let others worry about you, do not worry about them.  Your life is yours and however long it takes you to reach your goals, you are going somewhere.

Have you ever been put down by someone close to you? How did you respond? Comment below 🙂

Hope this helps and as always make today better than yesterday.

-Alisha B

Link to Ingredient #1


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