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Top things you should do before graduating college

There are many things I wish I would have known before college graduation but I share my top choices below.  Graduating college is a difficult feat. and that is why you should congratulate yourself first.  You should be extremely proud. It is natural to want to wait until you had your degree in your hand to want to think about post-college career plans.

However, I encourage to get started now as companies are looking for prospective  graduates. Many companies offer post college internship opportunities that lead to full time job offers.  Start to think about what’s next at least a year prior to your intended gradation date.  According to the Economic Policy Unit, 16.8 percent of college graduates between the ages of 21-24 are “underemployed,*” or unemployed.

Why you should start early?

You’re not the only one graduating college from your particular program that is going to be looking for a job at the same time.  There is serious competition in the job market for college graduates and by starting early you can have a better chance at not being unemployed more than 6 months after graduation.

What you Should Do:

#1 Research and job search for your qualifications and desired role.

You can start more than a year before if you would like but at minimum one year prior start to look up the career or graduate school that is ideal and matches your goals.  Read up on their requirements.  If you wit until the last minute you risk not being prepared for your dream job or school.

#2 Network with your professors.

Do not fear or hate your professors, embrace them.  You never know the connections your professors have that could help you.  They are experts on the particular subject as well as could maybe present you with career ideas you never thought of.  You are paying your professors salary through your tuition so attend their office hours and have active discussions about your goals.

#3 Complete an internship for your desired career path.

For example, if you’re going to medical school try to complete an internship related to your future coursework. It will make your application stand out and you will also have a great reference.  The majority of job and school applications ask for at least three references and they can not all be co-workers or professors.  This also applies when looking for a job having the extra experience will move your resume  to the top of the pile.  HR recruiters can look at 25-100 resumes per day when looking to hire so standing out is a must and an internship would help you accomplish that.

#4 Evaluate your GPA.

This is very important especially if you plan to continue your education.  Every post undergrad program has specific GPA requirements. If your GPA is not high enough you may want to consider taking summer courses or staying in college for another year to raise your GPA.  Graduating late is better than graduating prematurely and not being able to do what you want.

#5 Create your resume.

Read this post for tips on how to perfect your resume.

SN: No I can’t guarantee  you employment but what I can guarantee is the better prepared you are the further you will go. “Fail to plan, plan to fail.”

Do you have any tips you would like to share, leave it in the comments. If you find these tips helpful share then with a friend or colleague who could utilize them to land a job before graduation.






  1. Although i graduated from a school well known for their business connects i found myself apart of that 16% who were under/unemployed. It took me over a year to land a career type gig and then i was able to pursue a graduate degree. Thankfully my undergrad GPA did not thwart my chances LOL. Sometimes we can check off r checklist just as u said but there is no guarantee. I think what helps you during those times is resilience. The ability to keep moving forward regardless of what comes your way. And having realistic expectations. I had a slew of unrealistic expectations in my 20s and it took my 30s to rid me of them! LOL Tx for sharing!

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    • Unfortunately that’s he reality for many college grads. And my gpa definitely thwarted graduate school options for me. Thank you so much for your feedback and yes I’m working on the unrealistic list now myself lol. Have a great weekend.

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      • Yes it was def supernatural that I got accepted to grad school with my GPA and GMAT scores. But we all have our own story and our own path to success 🙂 though i received the degree, 3 yrs later I’m still waiting to use it SMH #God’stimingisbest

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      • I also would suggest job shadowing or interning to network with people in your ideal career choice. You never know when an opportunity could present itself.

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