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Do you ever look up at the sky?

imageWe live in an ADD world. Meaning that there are so many thing happening simultaneously it is really hard to just focus on just one thing. Especially in the personal development area. I know I am not the only one that reads my textbooks with the tv on and cell phone by my side. We are constantly multi-tasking. For example, watching tv and texting or even cooking dinner and talking on the phone. We are always looking for ways to keep busy. Life has become so hectic that many of us have forgotten the simple things.

A few weeks ago I walked outside and just decided to look up. A smile immediately replaced the frown on my face. I felt instant joy looking up at the clouds and knowing that through it all I survived. This also brought up a fond memory from my child hood.

As a child my mother would always lay in the grass with me on Saturday mornings after we hung the close to dry and we look and observe the shapes of the clouds. That was before cell phones were popular. We had no track of time and would just talk with no distractions. Sometimes it was so quiet outside it seemed we were in a world all our own. I have been so busy lately since losing my job that I forgot about little things like reading a book without waiting for a text from my friend. For the last few weeks I unplugged myself from social media to focus on other aspects of my life.

We emphasize staying connected so much that real life outside of our own complaints is happening and we are missing it. I know times may be hard for you but don’t let life pass you by because of a rough patch. My grandmother used to say, “Whats a patch to an entire quilt?” Each patch on a quilt typically represents something specific. Look at your life in the same sense. Every good or bad opportunity is another patch of your entire life. If there is something that is bothering you and keeping you from peace decide how to let that thing or maybe person go. Don’t let others or situations drain you and keep you from achieving your high goals. Dream big and don’t let the everyday drudgery make you want to give up. Today instead if worrying about what hasn’t happened focus on the good in your character and not the negativity of the world. A wise woman once said when you know better do better.

Do not let distractions cause you to detract. Keep going on your stride to success. Take a walk, breathe fresh air, and after checking to make sure your not in a road or bicycle lane look up at the sky and take in the beauty of the world. Everything happens for a reason. Try to take setbacks in stride.


  1. lululove88 says

    Love your post! I’m always looking up at the sky. It’s a reminder of how great GOD is and brings me back to a place in which I should humble myself. Reminds me to always be grateful and to LOVE all around me. 😄

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    • thrive2inspire says

      Yes GOD is so good. Its great that we have that constant reminder. Busy lives make it easy to forget. Thanks for reading and commenting.


  2. thrive2inspire says

    Thank you for your comment and support. I hope you enjoy it And if you see a shooting star be sure to make a wish. 😉


  3. What a lovely post. I remember also looking at the sky when I was a kid, also a country girl, pointing out which animal the clouds looked like. And the shooting starts, oh, those shooting stars. I can’t even remember when I have gone out in the evening last time just to look at the sky and try to spot a shooting star! That will go on my task list for this week! Thanks for a great post.

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